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Some Poetry For Your Pleasure
Rhonda's Poetry Page

Hello and Welcome,
Poetry is a song for the deaf, an insight for those
who care to look deeper into the darkness of thought.

Many of these, thoughts which are hidden deep within,
are awaiting their release. Uncover them.

Thoughts convey feelings and one may be surprised at
how easily they can flow.


You Are Gone

I often have thoughts of you,
Tho' you are not with me, alive.
I have also known tho' you are gone,
In my thoughts you would survive.

I am because you were,
I now see what you meant.
You're still a part of my life,
You are someone I will never forget.

Not long from now this will become
Just a hidden memory.
How sad it was, how cruel
It all will seem to me.

I'll try to forget,
I'll know it wasn't right.
You had tried to forsee,
You had looked beyond sight.

You had hoped for the best,
You had wished it good.
I tried to ignore it,
I had hoped you withstood.

It was one of those things
On my list to pursue.
Mama, I need now to ask
What do I do without you?.

©r.l.strickland 94


Now the sky slowly clouds,
The rain will now, soon fall.
The wind ambles between the branches
Where leaves cling, not hearing the call.

They've spent their days a'dancing,
So free and growing and alive.
Not knowing that, when the sky becomes gray,
They will no longer be allowed to survive.

They sigh and they whisper
Whilst dancing in the breeze.
Wond'ring in the midst of themselves
When did the wind become cruel?
It only used to tease.

Wind races through from everywhere,
It's icy fingers lashing out.
Tearing them away from their harbors,
Sending them flying all about.

As the wind slows its' attack,
They float lightly to the ground.
Landing, one upon the other, sadly
They gather, without a sound.

Now they will sleep beneath a winters' snow,
To await the warm sping sun.
To become the forests' summer carpet.
New vision through branches just begun

©r.l.thompson 82


Oh, my mother, I've thoughts of you.
I've wondered if you only knew,
How often you creep into my mind,
Whenever memories of you I find.

Do you ever long to recall,
Days when I was very small?
When I cried out to you come near,
To help to ease my childish fear?

You were always there for me,
To help with things I could not see.
To guide my every growing step.
You were there for me, to help.

Oh, mother dear, I cherish us.
I tell you now, and in saying thus,
I hope you'll know this it is true,
I have, and always, will love you.

©r.l.strickland 92


It saddens me so to look at its' sorrow.
To watch as it flows as if dead.
To see not the splendor that it once held,
But see filth from behind and ahead.

If I close my eyes and think of the past,
I may see what it may have been.
A strong, and mighty, forceful river flowing,
A part of life, for nature, not men!

But what do they care for this once fine thing?
From which beauty and life truly thrived.
This White River held no power,
The moment that man arrived.

©r.l.thompson 71

I Can Stand The Rain

As I look beyond to the years ahead,
I think to myself and smile.
It seems as if only yesterday,
I was to be lonely for a long while.

In such a short time I realized
This wasn't to be true.
My future changed completely,
On the day that I met you.

Even when the skies are gray.
Whatever the day might bring.
No matter how the clouds pour down,
With you I won't need a thing.

Hello to you tomorrow!
I no longer fear the pain.
With you always beside me,
I know I can stand the rain.

©r.l.thompson 74


I wish I knew where I was going.
I'm not sure even of where I've been.
Wherever I may have been yesterday,
It was someplace I've never seen.

Yet, I passed on by so hurriedly
Without stopping a moment to see.
So often I find myself just looking,
Without truly being able to see.

I come to points in my life where
I feel I should be content.
Without really being fulfulled,
Is that how my life will be spent?.

Oh, my mind rebels, my heart cries out!
But only I can hear myself shout.
Therefore it is I who must answer this cry
I can no longer pass all these things by.

I must stop here and now,
To look AND to see,
To find where I will go,
To find who I will be.

©r.l.thompson 79

Ground To Bits

Ground to bits,
An endless stream
Of thoughtless sayings,
I'm within a dream.

No, more than a dream,
It's become a nightmare.
Ground to bits,
I'm no longer aware.

For awareness is
The realization of
My expectations
For my own lost love.

Yes, ground to bits,
An endless stream
Of thoughtless words.
I've lost my dream.

©r.l.thompson 81


Forever came and went
Leaving just a trace of time.
As slowly skies returned
As darkness began to climb.

Soft whispers escaping from
Old, remembered days.
Not seeing the future,
Enclosed within deep haze.

When I close my eyes
And touch the earth.
I hope that time will last
For a coming rebirth.

Green growing wonders sprout,
Forever has returned!
I may have just been dreaming
That forever had been burned.

©r.l.thompson 77


©R.L.Thompson Strickland - All rights reserved.
No part of these pages or poems can be copied or duplicated
without the express written permission of R. L. Strickland.

Rhonda L. Strickland

You can contact me at

Canyon Lake, CA

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